Our Story

I’m a true believer that food made with love tastes better when it’s shared with others. My wish is to share these bites of inspiration with you using fresh, natural ingredients with the hope that you will share them with your friends, too.

Java Hemmat ~ Founder & CEO, Hummus Chick

The inspiration for these unique flavors began in my childhood. I was born to Persian parents in the oasis of United Arab Emirates, surrounded by desert dunes and date-bearing palm trees. Growing up, my family constantly interacted with cultures outside of our own community by taking trips to exciting locations, making new friends from other countries, and creating family meals using colorful spices from the cultures we encountered. I did not realize at the time just how deeply this exposure to different culinary traditions would impact me later in life.

In 1998, I moved to the United States to attend university. As a result of missing my mother’s home cooked meals, I soon found myself falling in love with Middle Eastern cooking, exploring how beautifully spices can complement one another. I especially enjoyed making my own hummus, and experimented with the global flavors  of my childhood that led to some tasty creations. The more I made it and shared it with friends, the more exciting and delicious it became.

It was during a surfing trip to California that I experienced one of those life-changing moments that you often hear about but never expect to happen to you. While sitting on my surfboard in the Pacific Ocean, waiting for a wave, I was struck with a sudden realization: if cooking for friends is my passion, I should start a company that allows me to share that love of food and flavors with others.  Hummus Chick was created, and upon my return to Nashville I rented a kitchen and have been living my dream ever since!