Hummus Chick roasted garlic & cilantro hummus


Ancient wisdom meets modern meals. Our recipes have been passed down through generations. Our hummus makes the perfect plant-based snack, appetizer, side dish, spreads on wraps and more. Which flavor is your favorite?

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Hummus chick spices, the perfect addition to any recipe! Herbes de provence. Marrakech. Shiraz.

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These spices were born of stories & memories from Mediterranean travels filled with food & adventure! These blends showcase iconic cities known for vibrant culture, rich history and timeless recipes.

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Welcome to Hummus Chick! Our hummus & spices are plant-based recipes sourcing premium ingredients to celebrate Mediterranean's vibrant culture & cuisine.

Welcome to Hummus Chick!

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What others are saying

The most delicious and creamy hummus I’ve ever tried! My husband and I always look for it when we shop at turnip truck! If you love tahini, you will LOVE this hummus. Couldn’t recommend it more!


Currently enjoying my first bowl of Hummus Chick. So delicious, I had to visit their site and see what they were all about! It is truly fantastic to find healthy (not to mention local) snacks that taste so good and leave me feeling great.


I love this hummus flavor, so refreshing! The consistency is quite dense, however, so before serving, I find it better when topped off with fresh olive oil.


This Hummus flavor and the classic are just so different yet perfect each in its own taste and flavors